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  • Coaching for managers and executives
  • Marriage and relationship counseling
  • Conflict mediation
  • Organizational consulting to develop or reorganize corporate HR divisions
  • Consulting in succession planning for owner-run businesses

My fundamental conviction is that everything begins with people! It is not products, services, or organizational structure, but rather people, that make the difference.

This is why providing service for people has been the focus of my professional activity in the Human Resource divisions of industrial corporations. Over thirty years in international HR leadership roles in various branches of industry such as IT, aerospace, mechanical and plant engineering, in Germany and abroad has allowed my experience in guiding and developing managers and executives to grow.

Internal corporate coaching discussions often naturally lead beyond the immediate work context. The cause and effect of situations are frequently found in different life spheres. In certain cases, and as far as my time allows, I therefore also offer coaching and consulting services outside of my main occupational activities. Apart from consulting in the fields of “HR-organization” and “succession planning for owner-run businesses”, my spectrum ranges from coaching managers and executives, through marriage and relationship counseling to conflict mediation. The overarching goal is always to retain or reach holistic life balance for the client and to facilitate personality development.

It is my firm conviction that clients carry within themselves the path to solving the challenges that lie before them. However, a person sometimes does not succeed in finding this path without support. Thus, my coaching approach is characterized by the triad:

  • Finding (the client’s own path)
  • Encouraging (the client in starting on that chosen path)
  • Guiding (the client along that chosen path)

Through questions and discussions I help clients to find their own path. If you are searching for a competent “travel guide” for your personal path, then I look forward to our first meeting.

E-Mail: info@montjoie.com
Mobile Phone: +49 172 639 5118